When Bed Bugs Run Amuck, Call A Pest Control Pro Part 1 Of 2

Bed bugs are a scourge that no person should be forced to live with.  They are known to cause painful bites, intense itching, scarring, secondary infections, and sometimes even serious allergic reactions for those that must endure them.  In some states, landlords who fail to treat apartments and other types of rental properties that have bed bugs can find themselves in serious trouble.  Other states are behind the curve on bed bug laws and seem to be able to let their properties remain infested with the blood thirsty pests paying no mind to the horrible ordeal that their tenants must live in.

In Minnesota, tenants who have been suffering through nighttime attacks by bed bugs since October of 2011 have had enough of the little vampires.  According to the Austin Daily Herald.com on June 23, 2012, a group of tenants have retained an attorney to fight their landlord who has done little to stop the pests.  Exhausted tenants complain of nightly attacks that have left them covered in bed bug bites from head to toe.

According to reports, at least one family has admitted to using bug bombs on their apartment, which they plan to use again in two weeks.  What these tenants do not realize is that they are not actually killing the bed bugs like they think they are.  Recent studies have proven that bug bombs do not work on bed bug infestations.  Instead of killing the pests, they drive them farther into the walls.  In an apartment situation such as this, the bed bugs are simply spreading faster into other units instead of being killed.

Please check back on Wednesday for the conclusion.