When Bed Bugs Run Amuck, All A Pest Control Pro Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Monday…

According to the Austin Daily Herald.com on June 23, 2012, another tenant claims that their landlord sprayed their apartment in an attempt to get rid of the bloodsucking bed bugs. They say that after the treatment, the bed bug infestation actually became worse instead of better.  Studies have shown that store bought chemicals do not work on bed bug infestations.  NY and NJ pest control professionals report that because bed bugs have become resistant to so many different types of pesticides, it takes a combination of efforts to rid a building of bed bug infestations.

Because the landlord has failed to hire a licensed pest control expert to educate the tenants and themselves on how to rid the building of the pests, the bloodsuckers have continued to thrive.  The lack of education about the creatures is one of the reasons why the resurgence of bed bugs has been so drastic throughout the United States.

The benefit to using a pest control professional instead of attempting to treat an infestation themselves is that pest control pros know the proper procedures of Integrated Pest Management.  With bed bugs, you must take into consideration many different factors and treatment in different ways in comparison to typical household pests.

At Stern Environmental Group, we have an arsenal of products and services to rid a home, business, or apartment complex of nasty bed bug infestations.  Tenants should refrain from throwing out all of their belongings as many items can be eradicated with heat treatment or freezing (Cryonite).  In addition, there are other ways of detecting and trapping any bed bugs that may be remaining within a structure after treatment commences.

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