NY’s Bill #S45228 Means Big Pest Control Changes

The Governor of New York has a new Bill awaiting his signature.  Bill #S45228 is set to amend the current Environment Conservation Law that is on the books as it pertains to “minimum risk pesticides” in NY.  The current law requires that all commercial applications of pesticides be handled by certified pest control professionals.

The argument for changing the current law is that since the Environmental Protection Agency has already deemed certain pesticides to be “minimum risk pesticides”, that they should be available for commercial use.  The products are considered to be safe when used as they were intended, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pesticides that are considered to be safe by the Environmental Protection Agency will not need to be registered in the State of New York, under the Environmental Conservation Law, if the Governor signs the new Bill to law.

Despite the pending change in the law, one cannot argue that the previous regulation that was set in place of all commercial pesticide applications being completed by a certified pest control specialist has not kept the public safe.  Other types of pesticides are listed as “minimal risk pesticides” as well and mistakes have been made by consumers in the home environment.

In some instances, pesticides that have been used incorrectly have been used in abundance, or combined with other pesticides which have caused serious problems for consumers.  Sometimes those mistakes have made families ill and have even caused death.

This pending Bill will take away the control and protection that is offered for commercial pest control companies.  In addition, improper pest control treatments have proven to make matters worse when it comes to the insect infestations.

A licensed NY pest control professional knows how to properly apply pesticides to your home or business and can keep your family and business safe.