Returning College Students Ring The Dinner Bell For Bed Bugs

It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is winding down for college students.  In a couple of weeks millions of students will be making their way to college campuses both near and far away.  Some will stay in college dorms and some will stay in off campus apartments.  All should be wary of encountering bed bugs.

Some colleges have used their dorms for summertime sports camps and other activities, while others have left the dorms empty for the summer months.  Bed bugs are able to abstain from eating for up to 18 months, so waiting through the summer months for a blood meal is not a big problem.  It does mean however that if bed bugs are present there is a good chance that they will attack as soon as they detect the CO2 that humans emit.

Students can avoid bed bug encounters by learning how to recognize the bloodsucking creatures and becoming well-versed in their habits.  College bound students are encouraged to buy a mattress encasement from Protect-A-Bed.  Mattress encasements will trap any existing bed bugs and their eggs so that they will not be able to further infest a dorm or apartment.  Additionally the bite proof fabric means students will receive a good night’s rest.  You can find the Protect-A-Bed products that you need at Stern Environmental Group.

For parents and students who must stay in a hotel or motel when traveling to college destinations, don’t forget to look for bed bugs there as well.  Summertime travel as brought many visitors to all hotels which means many chances for bed bugs to establish themselves in a hotel room. is a great resource for checking to see if bed bugs have been reported in hotels and motels by other travelers in the United States.

Why Do Bed Bugs And Seniors Go Hand In Hand?

Why do bed bugs and apartments where seniors live seem to go hand in hand?  There are several reasons why these types of residences seem to become overrun with bed bug infestations.   Seniors are often living on a fixed income.  Because of their limited income they must make their money stretch and save money where they can.  Buying used clothing, books, or furniture that is second hand is commonplace for many seniors.  Unfortunately, these articles are notorious for being infested with bed bugs as they are often purchased from a yard sale or second hand store.

Another reason that bed bugs are able to thrive in senior apartments is that many seniors are not able to properly prepare for bed bug treatment when a pest control professional is scheduled.  Bed bug treatment preparation takes extensive effort and cooperation from all tenants within a multi-unit housing facility for eradication of the bloodsuckers to be successful.  Seniors with limited mobility will have a difficult time with the task of washing all clothing, vacuuming the entire living space including the mattresses and box springs, and de-cluttering their living space.

It only takes one fertilized bed bug on one item that is transported into a senior apartment building for the entire building to become ablaze with bed bugs in a short period of time.  It’s important for apartment owners to hire a NJ or NYC pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group for fast bed bug eradication in multi-unit apartment buildings, businesses, or homes.

Stop by our website to see what types of services and products that we offer our clients to help them become bed bug free.

Got NJ Mice? Stern Can Help!

If you are wondering what creature is leaving gnawing and track marks there’s a good chance that you have mice running amuck in your home or business report NJ pest control professionals.  The house mouse will live comfortably among humans in all seasons.  Once they move indoors, they do not tend to leave their environments as food, water, and shelter is their main priority.  It is unlikely that you have just one mouse in your home as these critters multiply extremely fast, especially when they are not subjected to the harsh outdoor elements.

You will often find mice nesting sites within 10 feet or so of their feeding site, but yet they are still difficult to detect and more difficult to catch.  The preferred diet of mice is nuts and grains, but a hungry mouse will eat any type of food that a human or pet will eat.  It is not uncommon for mice to chew through packages of food to gain entry into their favored meal sources.

Besides being an annoying pest, mice will also contaminate food-preparation surfaces when they travel from place to place.  Leaving urine and feces in their path, food preparation surfaces are soiled with bacterium such as salmonellosis which will cause food poisoning in humans.  Mice are also known to cause other dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases, such as Hantavirus.

It is crucial to keep mice out of a home or business at all times.  Stern Environmental Group will be able to locate mouse infestations by using the Track & Trap system.  Once located, the mouse entry hole can be sealed so that all mice will be kept out of our area.  Stop by our website today to learn more information about this innovative mouse eradication system.

Education Is The Key To Remaining Bed Bug Free

Peruse the internet and you will find a plethora of interesting information about bed bugs.  Considering myself well-versed on the little vampires, I often find the internet a humorous place to find information about bed bugs.  Lucky for me, I tend to know a great deal about the bugs, but I feel sorry for the unlucky folks who may be encountering bed bugs for the first time as they will be subjected to some odd information and silly bed bug remedies. Here is some useful information about bed bugs

• Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed.  They are brownish-red in color.  Once they feed, bed bugs turn red in color.

• Nymph (younger bed bugs) look just like adult bed bugs but they are lighter in color and smaller in size.

• Bed bug eggs are white/translucent colored.  They are very tiny and difficult to see.

• All bed bugs need a blood meal in order to reproduce or to reach the next stage of development.

• There is no set schedule for bed bugs to feed, which is why they are often difficult to detect.  Bed bugs are able to survive over a year without a blood meal.

• Unless the infestation is severe, bed bugs will hide during the day and feed at night.

• Bed bugs are attracted to the CO2 that is exhaled and the heat that is emitted by the body of their victims.

• Never use outdoor pesticides indoors on bed bug infestations as they are extremely dangerous.

• Never use any fogger type product on bed bug infestations as they have proven to be useless and will actually cause the infestation to become worse.

The best way to handle a bed bug infestation is to hire a licensed pest control expert who has the knowledge and tools to efficiently eradicate the pests.

If You Ride A Bus In Detroit, You Might Get A Nibble

About 50 Department of Transportation drivers from Detroit say that they have been seen bed bugs on their buses while on duty According to The Detroit News on June 29, 2012.  Some have even complained of receiving bite wounds from the bed bugs on the bus.  Drivers say that the sightings have been made over the last year.

The Union that represents the drivers wants the City Council to agree to clean and fumigate all city buses and fumigate each of the agency’s terminals.  There are a couple of reasons why their request would be a waste of time and money spent.

• It has been reported that there are approximately 100,000 Detroit bus riders every day.  People come and go constantly on the buses.  Like is the situation with hotels and motels, a bus can be bed bug free one moment and have bed bugs the following as any person can bring bed bugs in on their person or belongings.

• An argument has been made that bed bugs cannot seek harborage on Detroit’s plastic bus seats.  Bed bugs might not be able to live among the seats, but there are plenty of cracks and crevices within a bus that can provide safe harborage for a hitchhiking bed bug.

• Fumigating an entire fleet of buses and their terminals is a waste of time and money as it appears from the reports that only sporadic bed bugs have been spotted among the buses throughout the year.  Additionally, even if all buses and terminals were treated simultaneously, it does not mean that the first customer that rides the bus would not bring bed bugs with them.

The best alternative is to hire a licensed pest control professional with experience in bed bug eradication.  Bed bug sniffing dogs would be a great tool in detecting bed bugs among a fleet of buses.  These amazingly trained dogs would save the City of Detroit time and money with virtually no down time for buses.