Returning College Students Ring The Dinner Bell For Bed Bugs

It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is winding down for college students.  In a couple of weeks millions of students will be making their way to college campuses both near and far away.  Some will stay in college dorms and some will stay in off campus apartments.  All should be wary of encountering bed bugs.

Some colleges have used their dorms for summertime sports camps and other activities, while others have left the dorms empty for the summer months.  Bed bugs are able to abstain from eating for up to 18 months, so waiting through the summer months for a blood meal is not a big problem.  It does mean however that if bed bugs are present there is a good chance that they will attack as soon as they detect the CO2 that humans emit.

Students can avoid bed bug encounters by learning how to recognize the bloodsucking creatures and becoming well-versed in their habits.  College bound students are encouraged to buy a mattress encasement from Protect-A-Bed.  Mattress encasements will trap any existing bed bugs and their eggs so that they will not be able to further infest a dorm or apartment.  Additionally the bite proof fabric means students will receive a good night’s rest.  You can find the Protect-A-Bed products that you need at Stern Environmental Group.

For parents and students who must stay in a hotel or motel when traveling to college destinations, don’t forget to look for bed bugs there as well.  Summertime travel as brought many visitors to all hotels which means many chances for bed bugs to establish themselves in a hotel room. is a great resource for checking to see if bed bugs have been reported in hotels and motels by other travelers in the United States.