Rats Continue To Thrive In NYC Report NYC Pest Control Expert

Rats both big and small continuing to run around the streets of New York City is no secret report NYC pest control professionals.  Despite the extreme amount of rats littering New York subway systems, alleyways, dumpsters, trash cans, parks, restaurants, businesses and homes, the cries for help from residents appear to be answered at a snail’s pace in the city.

In 2011, the New York City’s Department of Health, which manages rat control in the in the City, cut sixty three pest control workers jobs from the payroll.  The loss of jobs has saved the city $1.5 million in salaries each year.  The ones who have benefitted most from the loss of those important, and let’s face it…unpleasant jobs, are the rats that don’t have nearly enough people trying to do them in or helping home or business owners successfully eradicate the filthy pests.

According to an article written in DNAinfo.com New York on July 20, 2012, Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President and City Councilman wants to increase the pressure on the Department of Health so that the rodent problems within the city will be addressed quickly.  Reports are that on August 15th at 2:00 p.m., building management, staff, and owners are invited to learn the newest information in controlling rats and what the “best practices” are.  Attendees are invited to come to Community Board 7 at 250 W. 87th Street in New York City.

Brazen rats are responsible for causing a host of different damages to any place that they infest.  They are vectors of dangerous diseases that cause harm to humans and pets.  Although it is important to be educated about rat infestations, it is recommended that you call a NYC pest control professional for expert rat removal services instead of tackling these snaggle tooth pests yourself.