Watch Out Bed Bugs, The NightWatch Is Here!

NJ pest control professionals agree that bed bugs are a formidable enemy in the pest control world.  Bed bugs are known for the elusive behavior and their ability to hide in all types of cracks and crevices. Add in the fact that despite their hunger pangs, bed bugs can abstain from receiving a blood meal for up to 18 months.

Bed bugs can be difficult to harness in hotel rooms, apartments, or rental homes that are not occupied.  When bed bug powders or spray treatments are left in an unoccupied room, there is no incentive for a bed bug to come out for a blood meal.

The NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor and Trap is the perfect aid to hoteliers, apartment owners, colleges, cruise ships, and pest control companies.

The NightWatch can be used to monitor units above, below, or adjacent to rooms that have had an active bed bug infestation and have undergone bed bug treatments.  Using the NightWatch will help ensure that bed bugs have not traveled through the walls seeking harborage in neighboring units.  Hospitals will even benefit from this incredible technology as they will be able to keep their patients safe from bed bug bites with minimal disruption.

Bed bugs are attracted to heat and CO2.  The NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor and Trap works by mimicking the lure that humans create for bed bugs.  Once attracted to the unit, the bed bugs are trapped in the pitfall device until they are disposed of.

It should be noted that you must purchase the CO2 at your local hardware store as federal shipping regulations no longer allow shipping of CO2 containers.

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