Verify Bed Bugs With Verifi Bed Bug Detector

Controlling bed bugs is a difficult task.  Bed bugs have evolved over the years and have become resistant to many of the pesticides that once were able to kill them.  Pest control professionals are always on the hunt for new and exciting equipment and devices that promise huge results when it comes to bed bug control and elimination.   Stern Environmental Group has just the solution that pest control professionals from coast to coast are looking for…the Verifi Bed Bug Monitor.

In past years, hotels, motels, apartments, and other multi-unit buildings did not provide bed bug treatment until it was reported by residents.  In most cases, the delay caused the bed bugs to spread from room to room until the infestation was out-of-control.

There are many different monitoring devices available on the market.  Some have had promising results, some have had limited success.  The Verifi Bed Bug Monitor is touted as an “intelligent device” in that it is able to lure bed bugs and trap them in the device so that pest control professionals will be able to find an infestation at the early stages. The Verifi Bed Bug Monitor has a lure that mimics the CO2 that humans emit while sleeping.  Bed bugs are then attracted to the lure and once at the device, they quickly fall inside of the pitfall area where they are unable to escape.  The lure provides 90 days of continuous active bed bug monitoring which can be replaced once the 90 days are complete.

This innovative bed bug monitoring and trapping device is available in our online store.  Please visit our website for more useful bed bug tips and resources.