Bed Bugs Attack Makes Jailed Suspect Happy To File A Lawsuit Over NYC Bed Bugs

In 2012, NYC bed bug specialists report that NYC bed bug infestations have been on the decline in comparison to previous years thanks to the efforts of NYC pest control professionals, the City’s efforts to educate the public, and legislation that has been implemented to protect the public.  Despite the decline in numbers, bed bug infestations do still pop up at various public locations due to the frequency of people that come in and out of facilities.  It is the responsibility of any business or government agency to take swift action to eradicate the bloodsucking pests so that they will not spread or be transmitted to other locations or attack humans.  Failure to act according to protocol could result in a lawsuit being filed by anyone who is subject to the attacks of the little vampires. com reported on September 6, 2012 that Eric Marrero (22) was arrested in June of 2011 and charges were later dropped against him.  While in custody, he claims that he was forced into a known bed bug infested jail cell as a punishment by officers who accused him of “mouthing off.”  The suspect claims that the bed bug bites began 30 minutes after he was placed in the cell and the bugs continued to severely bite him throughout the night.  He also claims that his repeated requests to be removed from the infested cell and taken to a hospital fell upon deaf ears as the officers required him to stay put in the cell with the blood thirsty pests throughout the night.

A few weeks after the incident, the holding cells at the precinct were closed down for several days due to a massive bed bug infestation.  Exterminators were called because officers were afraid that they were taking bed bugs home with them and because of the continuous complaints by prisoners.

It is likely that had the NYPD responded quicker to the bed bug complaints by hiring a NYC bed bug specialist, this lawsuit would not have been filed.  It will be interesting to see if other prisoners will also decide to file as they too were likely bitten by the pests.