BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag And Tent

One of the best ways to kill bed bugs is by using heat.  Bed bugs of all stages are susceptible to heat treatment when temperatures reach over 120 degrees. Because of the danger and intensity involved with using heat treatment, it is never recommended that anyone try heat treatment on their own.  As with all types of bed bug treatments, heat treatment should only be administered by a licensed pest control professional.

Always on the look-out for new and innovative bed bug products that will prove to be useful in the war against bed bugs, Stern Environmental Group recently visited a trade show with two new exciting bed bug products that have been created by Amcan Products Inc.

The BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag is a portable heat treatment unit that is available for pest control professionals.  This unit is frameless and is constructed of special fabric that will hold the extreme heat in that is required to bake bed bugs and their eggs to death.  The unit measures 89 w x 89 l x 47 h.  Using 120V electricity, bed bugs and their eggs are killed in about two hours.  This heat treatment product is great for killing bed bugs that are buried deep inside of furniture, mattresses, or other soft goods.

The BugStop HotHouse Tent is another new product that is available for pest control professionals.  This innovative heat treatment unit will easily treat multiple pieces of furniture and other items that are infested with bed bugs. The unit is portable and will set up in less than 10 minutes.  The special fabric holds in heat while the heating system recirculates its own hot air killing all bed bugs and their eggs.  Pest control professionals can use this versatile unit for homes as well as hotels, shelters, and government housing units.

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NY And NJ Squirrels — The Damage Can Be Expensive

Squirrels are clever creatures that are able to take advantage of the smallest breach in a structure to find a suitable nesting spot report NJ pest control professionals.  Having amazingly sharp teeth, squirrels can chew through many types of household materials.  Roofs that have sustained previous damage, or ones that are fully intact, can be invaded by these cunning critters.  Squirrels also find the soffits and eaves a good spot to raise their young.  Vinyl, aluminum, wood, or drywall soffits are no match for a resourceful squirrel as they can easily chew their way inside.

When squirrels enter a structure through the roof, they often get trapped or decide to build their nest in the eaves.  The easy access to insulation provides the perfect nesting material.  Often times, electrical wires become a favorite chew toy for invading squirrels.  This is hugely problematic because of the potential of fire damage to the structure.

Squirrels living in the attic are not good house guests.  Besides the constant annoying sounds of scampering and squeaks, squirrels will use the entire attic as their personal toilet.  The odor caused by urine and fecal matter will eventually permeate human living quarters. It is not uncommon for urine soaked insulation to stain ceiling material and eventually cause its collapse into the interior of the home.

Because of their strong teeth, squirrels can easily chew their way from the attic area into the main area of a home or business.  Once inside, squirrels are known to cause incredible damage.  A panicked squirrel will knock over everything in its path, chew on plants, urinate and defecate repeatedly, chew on books, toys, furniture or other items, and even try to chew its way out of a window sill.

Don’t let squirrels damage your home or business.  For expert squirrel removal services in New York or New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.

Bed Bugs In A School Cause Panic For Parents In Pennsylvania

It is not surprising to learn that parents become panicked when they hear that bed bugs are found creeping around an elementary school.  The reaction of the school population often depends on how the matter is handled by the school district as well as how well the community has been educated about the habits and characteristics of bed bugs.

PennLive.com reported on October 25, 2012 that parents at the West Creek Hills Elementary School in the Pennsboro School District were initially notified about the a suspected, but unconfirmed bed bug, that was found on a student’s belongings in a classroom at the elementary school.  Apparently a pest control expert checked two rooms and declared them to be free of the pests.  Another letter was then generated stating that bed bugs are indeed confirmed in the school, BUT there was no evidence of any other bed bugs being present.  As a result of no pests being found, the decision was made to NOT treat the classroom to kill any bed bugs that could be hiding.

Many families at the school are shocked about the decision.  They believe that the school should provide treatment regardless.  A study has shown that humans are only able to detect bed bugs accurately about 30 percent of the time.  If one bed bug was found, it stands to reason that other bed bugs can lurking in any crack or crevice within the building.

If the school wants to be certain that they are bed bug free, they should bring in a bed bug sniffing dog which is known to be as much as 98 percent accurate at identifying the hiding places of bed bugs.

Stern Environmental Group has a wide variety of tools and services available that will help find and eliminate bed bugs quickly and efficiently.  For expert bed bug eradication services in NY, NYC and NJ, call Stern.

Bed Bugs Bullying Is Bad News

When bed bugs appear in the work place, employees often become upset and want to know the source of where the pests originate from.  When bed bugs appear at a retail store, establishments are quick to say that the bugs must have come in on a customer.  When bed bugs appear at a movie theater, they are often denied that they exist and quietly exterminated. When bed bugs appear within a school system, kids and even parents can be bullied because of the bloodsucking creatures.

Bed bugs are often associated with a person being filthy.  Although bed bugs do thrive in cluttered areas, they are not like cockroaches which survive in filthy conditions.  Instead bed bugs are hitchhikers that can arrive in any home or establishment at any given time.

10TV.com reported on October 23, 2012 that some parents and kids in a Madison County, Ohio school are being bullied because bed bugs have been found in an apartment building that they reside in.  One bed bug was found in a school library, and a pest control professional provided treatment.  The school is considered to be bed bug free.

The problem arose when a letter regarding the bed bugs was generated to the residents who live in the affected apartment building.  While it is true that two of the apartments that were treated had students that attend the school, not all did.

The trouble with Ohio’s bed bug outbreak is well-known and wide-spread.  There is no way to know if the one bed bug that was found came from that particular apartment building and not from another student or staff member in the school.  When a school singles out a particular population of students and parents, it opens the door for others to blame them for the bed bug found at the school and to bully the families that have no control over the hitchhiking parasites.

When bed bugs are present in a school, it is important for ALL families to be advised and educated about bed bugs and their habits…not just the suspected source of the problem.

Bed Bugs Are Biting Prisoners In Pennsylvania!

Bed bugs are still biting folks in great numbers from coast to coast report NJ pest control professionals.  Bed bugs feed off of the blood of warm blooded mammals.  Humans are the favorite meal choice on the menu, but small animals and domestic pets will serve as a quick blood meal if the creature is hungry upon its encounter.  Being masters at hitchhiking, bed bugs easily spread mostly through human transport.  It should not be surprising to learn that bed bugs can appear in upscale hotels and million dollar homes just as often as flea bag motels and low income housing units.  Bed bugs are everywhere.

PennLive.com reported on October 22, 2012 that bed bugs were discovered in the minimum security area of the York County Prison in Pennsylvania.  Work-release inmates, who resided in on-site trailers, complained of being bitten by the little bloodsuckers while they slept.  An examination of the facilities found an infestation serious enough to warrant that a furlough be granted to those inmates who could find a family or friend to spend time with.  The men were given a 72 hour furlough while prison staff dismantled beds and worked with exterminators to fumigate the facility.

A female inmate at the same facility, but on the other side of the prison, sought medical help for strange bites as well.  Those bite marks were determined to also be caused by creepy bed bugs.  The prison warden does not believe that the two incidents are related, but they just might be.  Even though the male and female prisoners are held on different sides of prison, it would not be uncommon for bed bugs to hitch a ride on any staff member, or even the exterminator, into the women’s quarters. Regardless of how they came to be, using a licensed pest control professional is the only way to permanently get rid of the little vampires…until they hitch a ride back into the facility once again.

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