The Social Stigma Of Having Bed Bugs

If you have ever had a bed bug infestation, you know that there are many social implications that are associated with having the bloodsuckers in your home.  If you have not had an infestation, consider yourself to be among the lucky.

The social implications of having bed bugs are not widely discussed.  Many people focus on tactics of killing the pests, pesticides that are used, lawsuits that are filed, and places that have the critters.  People who have had or do have bed bugs suffer from the pests in many ways.

Bed bugs can take an emotional toll on their victims as they often cause a lack of sleep.  People who have the pests often report that they wait up at night for the bloodsuckers to surface.  They also report trouble sleeping as they know that the bed bugs will arrive soon after they have drifted off.

People who have experienced or are experiencing a bed bug infestation are often shunned by family and friends.  It is not surprising that upon learning about a bed bug infestation, that people tend to not want to come to your home, nor do they want you to come to theirs.  Even long after the pests are gone, it is not uncommon for family and friends to be afraid of visits because bed bugs are so difficult to eradicate.

There have been incidents where people who have had bed bug infestations have been fired from their jobs.  In today’s economy, employment is difficult to come by.  Some employers have been worried about bed bugs being brought into the work environment, which is a valid concern, although firing an employee because of bed bugs is not legal.  People who have bed bugs do not often tell their co-workers about the infestation, and those that do report that they have them are often shunned by their peers.

Victims of bed bug infestations can feel like a leper.  It is important for everyone to take precautions against these troublesome pests at all times.  If you suspect that you have bed bugs in NY, NYC or NJ, contact Stern Environmental Group for expert bed bug eradication services.

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