Bed Bugs Are Already Biting College Students

College dorms and student apartments have had a difficult time controlling bed bug infestations since the resurgence of the pest’s years ago.  With students coming and going into each other’s living quarters, study dates, and parties, it is not surprising that bed bugs have easily spread like wild-fire throughout college campuses.  Bed bug infestations have also been notoriously bad at the beginning of the school year as students arrive from various parts of the country, and in some cases, the world. At times, some students may transport bed bugs from their home to the college not knowing that their home is infested with bed bugs.  A brief stay at a hotel along the way to college could also pick up the bloodsuckers as bed bugs will gladly climb into an unzipped suitcase.  Some students make the mistake of picking up furniture from the street that is discarded by previous students, not knowing that the furniture is infested with bed bugs.  All of these scenarios allow bed bugs to thrive in a college environment.

CBS Baltimore reported on October 5, 2012 that bed bugs have invaded an onsite apartment at the University of Maryland in College Park.  No matter how they arrived, or if they existed before they the students arrival, the students want the bed bugs in their on campus apartment building to stop biting!  College officials initially downplayed the bed bug infestation stating that the bloodsuckers were confined to one apartment.  The girls were given instructions on how to properly launder and bag their belongings and were advised that they must live out of the sealed trash bags for six weeks.

Recent news reports are that there are now eleven apartments that have the bloodsuckers attacking each night.  Students are afraid to sit on their furniture or sleep in their beds.

Hiring a licensed pest control professional with a bed bug sniffing dog would help to pin-point the exact locations of where the pests are hiding so that fast eradication can occur.