What Can A Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Do For Me?

Some may appear to be high-strung and boisterous, some may appear to be low-key and laid back in their personalities, some are small like a Beagle, and some are larger breeds like a Labrador retriever.  Despite their different shapes and sizes, the extensive training they receive allows these working dogs to complete their job with amazing accuracy.  Watching a bed bug sniffing dog in action as it goes about its duty of finding live or dead bed bugs, their eggs, or fecal matter is nothing short of amazing.

It is estimated that bed bug sniffing dogs are about 98 percent accurate at finding their targets within a home, apartment, office building or hotel. Because of their ability to hide in many different types of locations, humans on the other hand are able to find bed bugs with accuracy about 35 percent of the time.  Additionally, bed bug sniffing dogs are able to find their hidden targets within minutes as opposed to their human counterparts which often take hours to complete an inspection for bed bugs.

A bed bug sniffing dog is more accurate than a human because a dog’s nose is up to 100 times more sensitive than that of a human.  On average a dog has 200 to 250 million scent receptors.  Humans only have 5 million scent detectors which is why dogs can be trained to find bed bugs quickly and efficiently.

Once a dog alerts to bed bugs, the handler will also provide a visual inspection to verify the source location. Hiring a NJ pest control specialist with bed bug sniffing dogs will save you money as the dog will be able to pin-point exactly where the bed bugs are hiding within a home or business.