It’s Hard To Keep A Bed Bug Infestation A Secret

Reports of bed bugs in the office place have increased throughout the United States report NYC pest control professionals.  It is not surprising as bed bugs can easily hitch a ride in computer bags, gym bags, purses, or even on the clothing that people are wearing. New York reported on October 16, 2012 that workers at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services offices in lower Manhattan have been battling bed bugs for the past month when a building maintenance worker was bitten by bed bugs while sitting in the client waiting room area.  Reports are that a spokesperson for the Administration for Children’s Services is denying that there is a bed bug infestation in the building.

Some employees believe that the agency is doing all they can to combat the bloodsucking creatures by fumigating the affected areas.  Other employees believe that not enough is being done because the problem still persists, despite the claims from administration that there is not an infestation present.

Because of their transient nature, it is important for companies to be forthright with information regarding bed bugs.  If employees were to accidentally take the pests home with them, it is very likely that they will transmit the bed bugs right back into the workplace.  If the public is not aware that the problem exists, they will not be proactive in protecting themselves against the pests while visiting the facility.  It is always better to be honest about having bed bugs so that pest control professionals have the best chance of combatting the pests in the early stages of the infestation.

In this particular case, hiring a bed bug sniffing dog so that Manhattan pest control professionals can pin-point the exact locations of the hidden bed bugs would be a wise choice.