New Ordinances On The Horizon For San Francisco Residents

Renters stood on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco to protest the fact that they are being attacked by bed bugs in their rental properties.  They are hoping that the Supervisors will understand that the bed bug problem is wide-spread and that help and clarification is required to combat the bloodsucking creatures.

The lack of bed bug legislature has created tension between renters and landlords as they struggle to address who is responsible for bed bug eradication services once an infestation occurs.  After two years of discussion, the San Francisco Bed Bug Working Group representatives may have finally hammered out a solution to the city’s bed bug problems.

The Examiner reported on October 19, 2012 that San Francisco may soon have new bed bug laws that will be set in place that will give specific guidelines that both renters and landlords must follow.  The new ordinance is not unlike many of the others that have been successfully set in place throughout various locations in the United States.

The highlights include:

• If the tenant makes the request, landlords would be required to disclose the bed bug history for a rental property location for the past two years.

• Landlords would be required to treat bed bug infestations and certify that treatment is complete within 30 days.

• Hotels that serve tourists would fall under the new guidelines and would require fast treatment.

• Violators would face a stiff penalty of $1,000 per day!

An interesting addition to the ordinance that has not typically been seen in other cities is the requirement that pest control companies provide monthly reports of their bed bug eradication efforts when services are provided at a housing unit.  It’s a great way of keeping track of what is happening in the bed bug arena within the city.