Bed Bugs Are Biting Prisoners In Pennsylvania!

Bed bugs are still biting folks in great numbers from coast to coast report NJ pest control professionals.  Bed bugs feed off of the blood of warm blooded mammals.  Humans are the favorite meal choice on the menu, but small animals and domestic pets will serve as a quick blood meal if the creature is hungry upon its encounter.  Being masters at hitchhiking, bed bugs easily spread mostly through human transport.  It should not be surprising to learn that bed bugs can appear in upscale hotels and million dollar homes just as often as flea bag motels and low income housing units.  Bed bugs are everywhere. reported on October 22, 2012 that bed bugs were discovered in the minimum security area of the York County Prison in Pennsylvania.  Work-release inmates, who resided in on-site trailers, complained of being bitten by the little bloodsuckers while they slept.  An examination of the facilities found an infestation serious enough to warrant that a furlough be granted to those inmates who could find a family or friend to spend time with.  The men were given a 72 hour furlough while prison staff dismantled beds and worked with exterminators to fumigate the facility.

A female inmate at the same facility, but on the other side of the prison, sought medical help for strange bites as well.  Those bite marks were determined to also be caused by creepy bed bugs.  The prison warden does not believe that the two incidents are related, but they just might be.  Even though the male and female prisoners are held on different sides of prison, it would not be uncommon for bed bugs to hitch a ride on any staff member, or even the exterminator, into the women’s quarters. Regardless of how they came to be, using a licensed pest control professional is the only way to permanently get rid of the little vampires…until they hitch a ride back into the facility once again.

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