Bed Bugs Bullying Is Bad News

When bed bugs appear in the work place, employees often become upset and want to know the source of where the pests originate from.  When bed bugs appear at a retail store, establishments are quick to say that the bugs must have come in on a customer.  When bed bugs appear at a movie theater, they are often denied that they exist and quietly exterminated. When bed bugs appear within a school system, kids and even parents can be bullied because of the bloodsucking creatures.

Bed bugs are often associated with a person being filthy.  Although bed bugs do thrive in cluttered areas, they are not like cockroaches which survive in filthy conditions.  Instead bed bugs are hitchhikers that can arrive in any home or establishment at any given time. reported on October 23, 2012 that some parents and kids in a Madison County, Ohio school are being bullied because bed bugs have been found in an apartment building that they reside in.  One bed bug was found in a school library, and a pest control professional provided treatment.  The school is considered to be bed bug free.

The problem arose when a letter regarding the bed bugs was generated to the residents who live in the affected apartment building.  While it is true that two of the apartments that were treated had students that attend the school, not all did.

The trouble with Ohio’s bed bug outbreak is well-known and wide-spread.  There is no way to know if the one bed bug that was found came from that particular apartment building and not from another student or staff member in the school.  When a school singles out a particular population of students and parents, it opens the door for others to blame them for the bed bug found at the school and to bully the families that have no control over the hitchhiking parasites.

When bed bugs are present in a school, it is important for ALL families to be advised and educated about bed bugs and their habits…not just the suspected source of the problem.