NY And NJ Squirrels — The Damage Can Be Expensive

Squirrels are clever creatures that are able to take advantage of the smallest breach in a structure to find a suitable nesting spot report NJ pest control professionals.  Having amazingly sharp teeth, squirrels can chew through many types of household materials.  Roofs that have sustained previous damage, or ones that are fully intact, can be invaded by these cunning critters.  Squirrels also find the soffits and eaves a good spot to raise their young.  Vinyl, aluminum, wood, or drywall soffits are no match for a resourceful squirrel as they can easily chew their way inside.

When squirrels enter a structure through the roof, they often get trapped or decide to build their nest in the eaves.  The easy access to insulation provides the perfect nesting material.  Often times, electrical wires become a favorite chew toy for invading squirrels.  This is hugely problematic because of the potential of fire damage to the structure.

Squirrels living in the attic are not good house guests.  Besides the constant annoying sounds of scampering and squeaks, squirrels will use the entire attic as their personal toilet.  The odor caused by urine and fecal matter will eventually permeate human living quarters. It is not uncommon for urine soaked insulation to stain ceiling material and eventually cause its collapse into the interior of the home.

Because of their strong teeth, squirrels can easily chew their way from the attic area into the main area of a home or business.  Once inside, squirrels are known to cause incredible damage.  A panicked squirrel will knock over everything in its path, chew on plants, urinate and defecate repeatedly, chew on books, toys, furniture or other items, and even try to chew its way out of a window sill.

Don’t let squirrels damage your home or business.  For expert squirrel removal services in New York or New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.

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