BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag And Tent

One of the best ways to kill bed bugs is by using heat.  Bed bugs of all stages are susceptible to heat treatment when temperatures reach over 120 degrees. Because of the danger and intensity involved with using heat treatment, it is never recommended that anyone try heat treatment on their own.  As with all types of bed bug treatments, heat treatment should only be administered by a licensed pest control professional.

Always on the look-out for new and innovative bed bug products that will prove to be useful in the war against bed bugs, Stern Environmental Group recently visited a trade show with two new exciting bed bug products that have been created by Amcan Products Inc.

The BugStop HotHouse Furniture Bag is a portable heat treatment unit that is available for pest control professionals.  This unit is frameless and is constructed of special fabric that will hold the extreme heat in that is required to bake bed bugs and their eggs to death.  The unit measures 89 w x 89 l x 47 h.  Using 120V electricity, bed bugs and their eggs are killed in about two hours.  This heat treatment product is great for killing bed bugs that are buried deep inside of furniture, mattresses, or other soft goods.

The BugStop HotHouse Tent is another new product that is available for pest control professionals.  This innovative heat treatment unit will easily treat multiple pieces of furniture and other items that are infested with bed bugs. The unit is portable and will set up in less than 10 minutes.  The special fabric holds in heat while the heating system recirculates its own hot air killing all bed bugs and their eggs.  Pest control professionals can use this versatile unit for homes as well as hotels, shelters, and government housing units.

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