Researchers Find That Bed Bugs Cause Harmful Blood Loss

Creepier than the latest horror movie is the newest bed bug study that has been completed by researchers at the University of Florida.

It is not surprising to hear that bed bugs have popped up in random places. For those who are not freaked out by the thought of picking up bed bugs (I am), they are not as diligent about where they place their belongings in a public place, or they may not check a hotel room from top to bottom looking for the bloodsuckers.  The thought of picking up bed bugs for many people is not a big deal.  With these new findings, perhaps their minds will be changed.

According to PHYS.ORG on November 1, 2012, the bed bug study was conducted over a three year period of time.  The disturbing news is that bed bugs can survive and populations flourish by them having less access to human blood than was previously thought.

Here are some frightful highlights from the researchers’ findings:

• In 11 weeks, a pair of bed bugs can spawn enough bloodsucking offspring to cause harmful blood loss in a baby.

• In 15 short weeks, a pair of bed bugs and their offspring can cause harmful blood loss in adults.

• 3,500 bed bugs feeding on a baby can cause serious medical issues.

• 25,000 bed bugs feeding on an adult can cause serious medical issues.

• If not controlled, bed bugs could grow four times more quickly than previously believed.

• Pest control experts must kill at least 80% of any given population in order to gain control over bed bug infestations.

The researchers say that the bed bugs alone will not kill a person, however continuous feeding by this insect, would result in blood loss, can cause a person to become anemic, can cause iron levels to be too low, and can cause other parts of the body to become dangerously stressed.

The findings of the researchers are also published online this month by the journal “Medical and Veterinary Entomology.”