No Blame, Just Action Kills Bed Bugs

Only a few short years ago, it was New York City that was considered to be the bed bug capitol of the United States. For some, they still believe it to be true. In actuality, Manhattan pest control experts have done a great job of knocking down the number of bed bugs that have been plaguing the city.  New York City is no longer listed at the top of the bed bug food chain.  Like New York City was a few years ago, the state of Ohio has been smacked hard by a massive amount of bed bug attacks.  In fact, Orkin lists three major Ohio cities in their 15 Top Most Infested Cities in the United States.

There have been countless reports of schools throughout the state of Ohio that have experienced bed bug outbreaks.  Some schools treat the bed bugs found as a big deal, some treat them as if the blood sucking pests are not any trouble to deal with.  Some schools notify parents, while others keep mum about the entire situation and let the media and families speculate as to what is actually happening at the school.

Fox8Cleveland reported on October 26, 2012, that the University of Cleveland Preparatory School was closed down after bed bugs were found by staff.  The pests were first found in one classroom, then another before it was decided that a pest control expert must be called.  Recognizing how quickly bed bugs spread, not only did the school pay for pest control services at their facility, they also offered to pay for extermination services for any family or staff member at the school that has bed bugs so that the pests would not be transported back into the school environment.  Amazing!

Catching bed bugs early is essential to fast eradication.