Will Cockroaches Die Off In The Winter?

Cockroaches have been plaguing mankind since recorded history.  These resilient creatures have inhabited the earth for more than 300 million years.  All species of cockroaches are tropical creatures.  Despite their resilience, they are susceptible to death when temperatures reach 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Cockroaches do not have a brain per-say; however they have proven survival skills thanks to the help of humans and our habitats.

There are four main cockroaches that can be found in the United States.  The German Cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach, the American Cockroach, and the Brown Banded Cockroach. These pests live among humans in all types of structures.  Warehouses, restaurants, apartments, and single family homes are all suitable environments for cockroaches to thrive.

Like other pests that invade structures, cockroaches are in need of food, water, and warmth.  All cockroaches require a good supply of water for their survival.  Cockroaches are able to survive the winter months by hiding in the walls, cracks, crevices, behind cabinets, behind appliances, and near water sources.

German Cockroaches are a wide spread problem throughout the United States.  As long as these pests have an ample supply of food and a humid environment to live in, they will easily survive the cold winter months.

Oriental Cockroaches are the hardiest of cockroach species as they can take colder temperatures than other species.  Some Oriental cockroaches will spend the winter in floor drains, crawl spaces, rock walls, and in basements.  These cockroaches only mate once a year, which occurs during the cold winter months.

The Brown Banded Cockroach is the least popular cockroach that is found in the United States, but still a formidable pest.  They are attracted to the warmth that is emitted by electrical appliances in kitchens so surviving the winter months is an easy task for these creatures.  The Brown Banded Cockroach  likes to live in high places, preferably in kitchen areas.

The American Cockroach is an outdoor species that cannot survive the cold winter months.  These pests will move indoors as the temperature drops.  Sometimes they will find outdoor locations to overwinter in such as wood piles and decaying trees.

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