The Cost Of Having Bed Bugs In Your Home

What is the cost of having bed bugs in your home or business?  People who are currently experiencing a bed bug infestation or those who have had them in the past can attest to the fact that dealing with the bloodsuckers not only take a costly financial toll, they also take a toll on your way of life.

Bed bug eradication is not an easy process.  Homes or offices must be prepared a certain way in order for the best results to occur report Manhattan pest control professionals.  Failure to follow the correct protocol will result in a quick re-infestation of the pests which can drive a person batty.  Even with the best preparation and the best service provided by a licensed pest control professional, the bloodsuckers have proven to be resilient and can easily reappear months after the all-clear has been given.

Adding to the problem is that many citizens do not realize that store bought bed bug insecticides are not actually effective against bed bugs and will actually make matters worse.  Additionally, many people have made the mistake of using pesticides incorrectly, or using the wrong insecticides altogether which has caused several sicknesses and even death in one known case in North Carolina.

Despite the fact that most experts believe that bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans, bed bugs do carry some health risks.  For those that are susceptible to the bites of bed bugs, itchy red welts will appear.  Sometimes over-the-counter antihistamines and creams work to keep the itching under control.  Other times, the scratching that ensues will result in painful secondary skin infections.  Some people with sensitive skin also suffer from severe allergic reactions to the pests.