Bed Bugs Put The Scare In DC’s Metro Riders

They are called “bed bugs” but that does not mean that they are only found in and around beds report Manhattan pest control professionals.  In this busy travel week, people are hitting the airports, train stations, renting cars, and riding buses to get to their travel destination.  Forget the frigid weather, like New York City during the Thanksgiving week, the Washington, DC metro area is filled with fun activities for tourists and locals to enjoy.

Many people who visit the Nation’s Capital during the holiday season come to see the incredible sights, the Festival of Trees, and of course the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the National Mall.  With parking being a difficult feat, most people find it best to take the Metro rail system as they make their way in and out, and around the Washington, DC area.

Head’s up everyone!  The Washington Examiner reported on November 18, 2012 that bed bugs have been found in the Metro’s headquarters office.  According to reports, the Metro has not answered questions as to whether any of the bloodsuckers have been found on any Metro trains or buses.  As a perk for working for Metro though, employees are given free transportation on the Metro system.

Bed bugs don’t fly and they are not like a cockroach which could have crawled in from the street.  They are hitchhikers which mean that the pests most likely hitched a ride into the building via an employee/s.  Because bed bugs are hitchhikers, it is feasible that the creepy bugs fell off of another passenger and climbed aboard a Metro employee.

No matter how the pests arrived in the building, full disclosure to employees and the public is the best way to help end the rumors and the spreading of these pests.  Bed bugs infestations must be treated quickly and efficiently by a licensed pest control professional for full eradication.