How To Drown Cockroaches…Or Not

Anyone who has ever dealt with cockroaches in the home or business knows that they are the most difficult pest to live with and fully eradicate.  Cockroaches have an amazing ability to escape death, even when it comes from the bottom of a shoe!

Because of their stealthy speed, cockroaches are able to zip away in a blink of an eye.  Because of their slim stature, cockroaches are able to slip into tiny cracks or crevices to escape death.  Studies have shown that even some pesticides are no match for cockroaches.  Many have discovered that when they set off a store bought bug bomb, cockroaches will simply hold their breath and zip off to an area where the air is free and clear of the pesticide.  They are considered to be a super-bug…or are they?

Mythbusters” ran experiments on cockroaches to see if these hearty creatures are able to be drowned as many people believe that it is an impossible feat to accomplish. Five individual cockroaches were placed in jars that were filled with water.  The cockroaches were due to be underwater for 30 minutes.  Nineteen minutes into the experiment, it appeared that one cockroach had indeed succumbed to the watery death.  At the 30 minute mark, it appeared that all cockroaches were indeed dead as they were completely lifeless and waterlogged.  The Mythbusters team covered each roach with their once water filled container and returned the next day.  To their surprise, all five of the cockroaches were alive upon their return.

Watch the attached cockroach video, it truly is amazing!  It is unbelievable to think that these pests appeared to be dead, only to somehow dry out and awake the following day ready to face the world once again.  Perhaps they are the stealthiest bug in the world.