Bed Bugs Can Hurt Your Businesses Reputation

Many businesses have learned a valuable lesson that being associated with bed bugs is not necessarily a good thing, unless you are a licensed pest control operator that is.  Bed bugs carry a negative reaction for most people as they are a hot topic in the media.  These tenacious blood feeders have been nibbling their way across the United States, making pit stops in communities both large and small.  Bed bugs have appeared in all types of environments that people frequent…homes, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, courthouses, airports, etc.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported on November 16, 2012, that a furniture store in Indiana has recently changed their name and moved locations as a result of bed bugs.  Co-owner Dennis Hawk said “When we first started the name, it was instant name recognition — that cute little saying, ‘Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. People immediately identified with that name and thought we were a big chain.  What was a good marketing tactic years ago, could be taking a bite out of business in todays bed bug infested society.”

Mind you, the furniture store is NOT known for having any products that have bed bugs in their inventory.  Instead the apparent trouble the store has run into is the strictly associated with the past company name “The Bed Bug Furniture and Accessories Store”.  Reports are that after ten years doing business under the previous name, the owners have decided that it is best to step away from the negativity that “bed bugs” bring to mind for customers. The new company name is now “Comfort with Style Furniture & Mattress”.  Along with the new name for the furniture company has come a new location as well.

Time will tell if the new name will prove to be profitable for this company, but it is likely that customers will appreciate not thinking about bed bugs when they buy new furniture.