California Bed Bug Laws Help Renters

As many people have experienced first-hand, bed bug infestations can be a tremendous burden to deal with for homeowners and renters alike.  Because of the variances in laws in different states, it is wise for renters and landlords to know what their responsibilities are when it comes to dealing with bed bugs or other insects that renters may encounter during their tenancy.

The State of California has developed a new website that spells out the rights of California renters.  One of the issues that continue to plague renters is bed bug infestations.  In California, renters have the right to live in a home that is “fit to live in.”  This means that it “meets the state and local building and health codes” and that a home or unit “be safe so as to not affect your health or safety.”

It is not uncommon for landlords and tenants to disagree on who is responsible for pest problems that occur within a rental property.  Battles that have ensued have resulted in new regulations being created in many different states.  Problems with bed bugs, cockroaches, vermin, ants, and spiders are specifically addressed as being unacceptable for renters to live with in California.

Renters in California have responsibilities when it comes to avoiding these types of home invaders.  They must keep their homes clean so that it remains unattractive to pests.  In addition, if a problem exists, they are required to notify their landlord and request that an exterminator rid the rental unit of the problem creatures.

Landlords have 30 days to respond to the tenants request for help in eliminating pests.  If the landlord is unresponsive or if the pest infestation is severe, California renters may use up to two months’ rent in a 12 month span of time to seek out their own licensed pest control professional to eradicate the home invaders.