Raccoons Are Cute But Dangerous To Handle

Raccoons are common creatures that live throughout all areas in North America. NJ pest control professionals report that they are in fact more commonly found in urban areas than in rural areas.

NJ raccoons are a difficult animal to deal with as adults will reach large sizes and weigh 50 pounds, often heavier than most household pets.  They are not afraid of any size dog or cat that they encounter near a home and will not hesitate to steal food that is left out, or enter a home to devour food that is left out for fluffy or Fido.  Because of their intelligence and resourceful hands, it is not uncommon for the cleaver raccoon to open stored pet food containers and eat until they are stuffed.  An exterior pet door is an open invitation for the raccoon to return each night for its daily meal.  If they don’t make a mess, many homeowners might not even know that they have been in their home.

Raccoons are crafty creatures that are primarily nocturnal critters.  Most people believe that a raccoon that is seen during the day is rabid, but that is not always the case.  Although it is true that raccoons with rabies do act erratic, and off of their normal routine, some raccoons and other nocturnal wildlife are found roaming due to the spread of suburbia.  As more homes, stores, schools, and restaurants are being built, wildlife is forced to find new ways of surviving in their new surroundings.  Often times that means a clash between home and business owners.

Raccoons may look adorable with their masked faces and ringed tails, but they are not an animal that any human should try to make friends with. Raccoons that have made their way into the attic in most instances have baby raccoons hidden in the attic as well.  Raccoon removal should only be handled by a licensed pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group.  We will be able to humanely remove raccoons that have invaded any space and collect any babies that are hidden as well.