Interesting Bed Bug Treatment

Manhattan pest control professionals have different ways that they will treat bed bug infestations depending on the severity of the problem.  Heat treatment, Cryonite (freezing), pesticides, bed bug traps, lures, and other bed bug products have proven to be useful tools in the fight against bed bug infestations.

The Litchfield County Times reported on January 24, 2013 that bed bugs have been discovered at a Rose Haven in Litchfield, CT.  To rid their facility of the bloodsucking pests, several steps were taken to get rid of the bugs according to reports.

Most of the seniors at the facility were relocated to another facility while four non-toxic chemicals were used to get rid of the pests.  Additionally, all mattresses, pillows and pillow cases were thrown away as they were bed bug infested.  According to the NPMA, mattresses do not need to be tossed to the curb as they can be safely treated for bed bugs and then encased in a mattress and box spring encasement such as the Protect-A-Bed Mattress Encasements.

Reports are that their pest control professional recommended that “Rose Haven took the extra precaution of encasing the new mattress with tape to ensure there will be no possible infestation for at least one year. Rose Haven plans to do this on an annual basis with mattresses.”  This technique of taping a mattress is an interesting one.  Using a mattress encasement is not only easier; it would save the facility from having to use tape year after year.  Time will tell if this method of taping a mattress is effective at keeping bed bugs out.

The Litchfield County Times reported that the staff is confident that the bed bugs are gone from the facility now that treatment has commenced.  But as many Manhattan bed bug specialists know, bed bugs are sneaky and robust creatures which often make a reappearance after the first round of bed bug treatment.