Bed Bugs Have Found Their Way To The Wall Street Journal Headquarters In NYC

It’s been just over two weeks since employees at the Wall Street Journal in New York were informed that their office had been invaded by bed bugs.  According to the Capital on January 14, 2013, employees were informed that a bed bug was found in the video room.  As a precaution reports are that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) brought in a bed bug sniffing dog which found pay-dirt when the bed bug video hiding place was revealed.

To date there has been no word as to whether these itchy little pests have reared their ugly beaks once again or hitched a ride home with any WSJ employees.  As icky as bed bugs are, the Wall Street Journal has joined other literary big wigs that also dealt with the bloodsucking pests within the past few years.  Bed bugs were previously found creeping along at New York’s Penguin and Time Warner offices as well as major retail stores, theaters, and other office buildings throughout New York City.

Can you escape encountering bed bugs…unfortunately, no!  Bed bugs are now a fact of modern day life report Manhattan pest control professionals.  Many people believe that DDT was the magic bullet that ended bed bug infestations in the United States in the 1940’s-50’s.  Without a doubt, the powerful pesticide was instrumental in kicking bed bugs to the curb, but one cannot discount another important bed bug fact during that time period…the human contribution.

Years ago, generations were raised knowing about bed bugs and how to deal with them.  They were a pest that everyone got from time to time and one that did not carry the stigma of today.  In past years, people worked hard at being proactive to avoid bed bug infestations.  Because people were constantly on the lookout for the pests, residents were quick to respond with eradicating them so that small pockets of bed bugs would not spread into massive infestations.