Cockroaches In Restaurants Leave A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

If a restaurant is found to have cockroaches, the public is quick to determine that the establishment is dirty and disgusting.  Cockroaches are so loathed by people that businesses found to have the pests lurking about will suffer a stigma that will hurt a company’s reputation and can have a devastating effect on their financial stability.

Cockroaches thrive in restaurants because they provide a perfect living environment for the pests.  Cockroaches need food, water, and shelter for optimal survival and reproduction.  The endless stream of food products and good water sources allow cockroaches to thrive with ease within all types of restaurants.

All 50 states have regulations in place declaring that a restaurant must be free of cockroaches and the signs of cockroach infestations.  Health inspectors are trained to look for these signs in all areas of the establishment.  Even low level amounts of cockroaches can cause a restaurant to have their doors shuttered while the infestation is being treated by a licensed pest control professional.

Cockroach infestations must be avoided within all types of environments because of they are considered to be dangerous pests.  Cockroaches, their eggs, fecal matter, exoskeletons, urine, saliva and carcasses not only will attract more cockroaches to the area, they also carry pathogens that have proven to be dangerous to humans.  In particular, the American cockroach is known to cause food poisoning as it spreads Salmonella on the surfaces that it travels upon.  German cockroaches are also problematic as they can transmit Staphylococcus, Hepatitis, Coliform, and Streptococcus to humans.

Because cockroaches are so prevalent in New York City, restaurants would be wise to have regular pest control inspections and treatments by a licensed Manhattan pest control professional with experience in cockroach eradication. Stern Environmental Group provides fast and excellent cockroach elimination to New York City, New Jersey, and other areas of New York.  Call us today to schedule an appointment.