NJ Pest Control Can Keep Squirrels Away

There are 250 different types of squirrels, some live in the trees, some live in the ground.  The most common tree dwelling squirrel in the United States is the Eastern Gray Squirrel.  These squirrels prefer to live high among the trees and will venture to ground level as they forage for food and water.  Being near the bottom of the food chain, these critters are fast and incredibly agile.  Squirrels have five toes on their back feet and four on their front feet which surely helps them gain momentum as they leap from limp to limp or race up and down a tree.

Like other creatures, squirrels are in need of three things for survival…food, water, and shelter.  During times of drought, overpopulation, excessive cold temperatures, or a lack of food availability, squirrels may leave their treetop nests and look for a more suitable location to live in.

Squirrels are clever creatures in their quest for survival.  They will exploit any breach that they find within a structure to gain access to it.  A tiny hole in a soffit or roof is an open invitation for a squirrel that will quickly open the hole wider by using its strong incisor teeth to chew its way inside.  Once a squirrel is inside, it will make itself at home in the attic insulation.  Squirrels that occupy an attic are known to bring a constant flow of nuts and seeds into their new “nest”.  This new collection of stored goodies is often discovered by other unwanted invaders like rats, mice, birds, and raccoons.

NJ Squirrels are unwanted intruders that should be removed by a NJ pest control professional.  Squirrels will foul attic areas with their deposits of urine and fecal matter.  They are known to carry fleas, ticks, and mites on their bodies.  Squirrels have extremely sharp teeth and they are known to bite humans that are trying to remove them from an attic area, especially when babies are present.

Call a NJ pest control expert for fast and humane squirrel removal services.