Raccoons Are So Cute! Do I Really Want To Get Rid Of Them?

Who does not love a raccoon?  They look like they are sweet and cuddly creatures that would be fun to play around with.  Their sweet little masked faces, pointed nose, and long whiskers make raccoons stand out as a critter like no other.

Raccoons are nocturnal feeders, but they are occasionally seen during the daytime hours.  Sometimes raccoons are out during the daytime because their nesting site has been disturbed by a predator and they must make a quick retreat.  Other times raccoons might be found outdoors foraging for food or water during the daytime hours when food is in short supply or when drought conditions exist.

Raccoons prefer to live in areas where trees provide ample cover and a water source is nearby.  As human habitats have spread into raccoon territories, raccoons have become well adept at living alongside humans.  Gardens, unattended pet food, garbage cans, water bowls, and swimming pools have proven to provide ample food and water sources for raccoons.  Additionally, raccoons often find human structures to be a suitable nesting site during the cold winter months and a good place to raise their young.  They are more likely to come indoors during the winter or spring, but you can hear the pitter patter of raccoon feet any time of the year.

When raccoons inhabit an attic they have a communal site that they use as a latrine.  Raccoon feces are known to have roundworms and roundworm eggs which are extremely dangerous when transmitted to humans.  It is highly recommended that the cleanup of raccoon feces be handled professionally as it requires taking extreme caution and a high level of expertise.

Stern Environmental Group provides 24 hour humane emergency raccoon removal services in the New York City metro area as well as parts of Long Island and parts of New Jersey.  Call us for fast removal of raccoons, nest removal, feces removal, disinfection, and deodorization of the affected area.