Protective Bed Bug Suits Spark Concerns For Virginia Students reported on February 4, 2013 that two schools in Portsmouth, Virginia were treated for bed bugs.  Reports are that a student at the I.C. Norcom High School, complaining of itching, was found to have a bed bug on his/her person.  School officials also confirmed that a similar incident also occurred at the Lakeview Elementary School the day prior.

Parents were then notified that both schools were treated for bed bugs over the weekend as a precautionary measure but no actual bed bugs were found creeping around the school.  In addition, the school district immediately treated the three school buses that the affected students traveled upon and announced plans to treat the remaining 139 buses in the fleet over the following week.

Each of these steps that were taken appears to follow the typical protocol that many school districts are following throughout the United States when bed bugs are found in a school.

Fast forward 10 days…

Perhaps bed bugs might just be lurking in the I.C. Norcom High School after all. reported on February 14, 2013 that students report seeing boxes labeled “Bed bug kit” in their classrooms and teachers suited up in protective suits after two more students were found to have bed bugs on their person.  No students were given protective gear to wear, but they were given plastic bags in which they were told to carry around all of their belongings in throughout the school day to avoid picking up or transmitting potential bed bugs.  Reports are that the school was not treated for bed bugs this time as a precautionary measure because no bed bugs were found upon inspection over the weekend.  It’s not surprising to learn that the students are a bit freaked out by the teachers wearing protective bed bug suits and the bed bug situation within their school.

There’s no word if a bed bug sniffing dog was used for either inspection by the pest management company that was hired by the school district.  Bed bugs are tiny, elusive, and experts at hiding in any type of location.  A high school is a large territory to cover with many hiding places.  A good bed bug sniffing dog would be able to root the bloodsuckers out in no time at all.