Iowa Supreme Court Hears About Bed Bugs!

The Supreme Court Justices in Iowa may be feeling a bit itchy this week as they have begun to hear a high profile skin crawling case about bed bugs!  The case is of such high interest to Iowans that special sessions have been set for the hearings so that more residents will be able to watch the evening proceedings about the bloodsucking pests.

According to the on February 19, 2013, the landmark bedbug case was filed in 2010 between 250 tenants of Elsie Mason Manor and Ligutti Tower in Des Moines against the First Baptist Housing Foundation, which serves as the management company for the low income apartment complexes.  In 2011, a lower court granted the plaintiffs wish that the case be converted to a class action case.  The tenants claim that the management company refused to treat the bed bug infested property properly and did not warn tenants about the pests.  Their attorney further argued that the residents lived in “unconscionable and substandard living conditions for years”.

The defendant’s legal eagle has been arguing to reverse the decision of the lower court and have the class action suit halted.  He contends that each of the 250 bed bug cases filed by the tenants should be heard individually instead of together as a class action lawsuit.

It stands to reason that adding 250 individual bed bug cases onto any court’s docket would be exhausting for the judges and staff who work within the court system.  It makes you wonder…if the class action suit is reversed, would the first cases that are heard receive the same time and attention as the last cases that are heard?  It also makes you wonder if hiring a good pest control professional with extensive bed bug eradication experience at the onset of the bed bug infestation problem could have solved the bed bug problem so that the entire lawsuit could have been avoided in the first place.