Will Bed Bug Laws Finally Be Established In Connecticut?

Three new proposed Bills meant to take a bite out of bed bugs in Connecticut are currently being considered by lawmakers.  The ctpost.com reported on February 16, 2013 that the General assembly is considering establishing guidelines that will spell out the different responsibilities of both landlords and tenants when bed bugs are present in a rental property or other multi-unit facility. Other Bills that legislators are considering is how bed bug infestations will be handled when they are found in public housing facilities and non-public housing facilities.

The passing of proposed Senate Bill 334, House Bill 5621 and House Bill 5619 is important for all residents in the state of Connecticut.  Perhaps lawmakers can create similar legislation to that which exists in New York.  For the past several years, New York City has experienced a steady decline in the amount of reports of infestations in homes, businesses, stores, hotels, office buildings, and multi-unit housing facilities.

This is not the first time that bed bugs have hit the political arena in Connecticut.  Last year, lawmakers went round and round arguing over who was responsible for paying for bed bug infested rental properties in the state.  Legislators discussed creating a bed bug task force to study ways to control the pests, but it never came to pass.  After much debate a proposed bed bug Bill was passed by the Senate but subsequently died on the House floor.  Everyone is hoping that these new negotiations will yield a healthy balance of good results for both tenants and landlords so that there is a better understanding of who is responsible for what costs, and how things must be handled when it comes to bed bugs in the state.

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to eradicate.  It is always best to call a licensed pest control professional with extensive experience in bed bug removal when the bloodsuckers are present.