Will Rat Sterilization Curb The Rat Problem In The NYC Subway System?

Exterminators have come and gone in the New York City subway system and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY MTA) has tried a variety of tactics to halt the rodent problem that exists under the bustling city streets.  Nothing has worked to date as is evidenced if you take a visit to the trash collection rooms within the subway system.  There you will find a thriving group of rats feasting on a seemingly never ending buffet of goodies.  In addition to exterminators, the NY MTA has tried reinforcing the trash room doors and has been using mint flavored trash bags which are supposed to repel the pests.  No matter the tactic used, disease ridden rats continue to find their way to the dinner table.

Help is on the way thanks to a $1.1 million grant from the National Institute of Health according to Australian News on March 28, 2013.  SenesTech is conducting a study in New York’s subway system to see if they can help to reduce the rat population by administering birth control drugs to rats.  The research company is targeting four subway stations with known rat populations. Rats that eat the birth control drug will experience rapid sterilization.

According to reports, the rats have a choice of eating birth control laced bait that is placed in both liquid and solid forms.  So far the rats are more prone to slurp up the liquid bait than the solid bait.  In addition, workers at the subway stations report that the rats have a particular fondness for lattes, Chinese food, and pepperoni.  The current bait is a flavorless mixture of salt, sugar, and fat, but SenesTech is not opposed to adding specific flavors to the bait concoction to achieve more successful results.

If the rat population does diminish or is miraculously eliminated, will there be a new bait that will be created for Manhattan pest control professionals to use throughout the city?  Only time will tell.

Bed Bug Travesty

It is difficult for anyone to live with bed bugs.  Trying to sleep each night knowing that bed bugs will come calling with their beaks ready to make a withdraw of human blood is unbearable.

The Trib.com reported on March 25, 2013 that a man living in Casper, Wyoming is faced with living with nightly attacks of bed bugs after moving into his new apartment.  The man reports that he is sleeping on the floor with a blanket and pillow as he is afraid to bring any of his belongings into his new home. He claims to be on the dinner menu of bed bugs since his March 7th arrival into his new apartment.  Repeated bites eventually sent the man to the emergency room where he was informed to move into a homeless shelter instead of returning to his bed bug infested home.

A call to the local Health Department yielded no results as they do not have any authority governing bed bug infestations in apartment buildings.  According to Trib.com, the Health Department spokesperson said “An exterminator needs to “bomb” each room in a building to effectively clear it of bed bugs”. Hopefully others at the Health Department will not be informing people who call in looking for help with bed bug infestations to “bomb” their homes or apartments as bug bombs have proven to be ineffective against bed bugs.

Wyoming lawmakers have developed laws that regulate hotels and motels, but they have failed the residents of the state by not creating any bed bug laws for tenants and landlords.

This is another instance where the lack of proper bed bug legislation has proven to hurt residents in the state.

Manhattan pest control professionals recommend hiring a licensed exterminator with experience in bed bug eradication for all of your bed bug infestation needs.

Don’t Be Surprised If You Still See A Mouse In The House

I awoke to my teenage daughter screaming for help a few days ago.  I quickly ran down the stairs to see what the trouble could possibly be at such an early hour.  Blurry-eyed I found her in still dripping from the shower standing on her bed in a panic when I arrived in her room.  When I asked what was wrong she quickly yelled “There’s a mouse under my armoire!”  She then told me that the mouse was a baby.  I asked a few more questions and the little critter poked its head out trying to escape.  I knew that mouse was more afraid of us than she was of it, but none-the-less, she was not budging from her bed.  As she and her cat stood watch I went to grab some traps.  While I was gone, the mouse made a run for it.  Freddie, the cat just missed a good meal as it dove back under the armoire.  Upon my return, I removed the cat and set several traps in the room.  Feeling smug, I walked out of the room and out of nowhere from the opposite direction darted another mouse, straight over my feet!  Before I knew it along came another!  They were all babies.  So far we have not seen the Mom yet, unless one of the cats has made a meal of it.

Mice are prolific breeders which means that you can expect to see many litters of babies if you have mice that come in your house.  In fact, mice are capable of having a litter every three weeks.  Each litter can have up to twelve babies so it’s easy to see how quickly a home or business can become severely infested.

Mice are opportunistic creatures.  Their ability to squeeze into a small space means that any crack or crevice is a prime target for mice that are looking for a warm place create a nest.  Mice are more than an annoying pest that scurries around.  Mice are known to transmit dangerous viruses which can cause life threatening illnesses such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

A Manhattan pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group can protect your home or business against disease ridden mice.  Call us today for fast eradication of mice.

Avoid Bed Bugs While You Travel

It’s the time of year again when Manhattan pest control professionals will begin to receive an abundance of calls from people who have traveled near and far celebrating the beginning of spring.  Spring break is a time of fun in the sun with friends and family, but often times families will have an accidental encounter with an unwanted pest during their springtime adventure.

Bed bug infestations continue to be on the upswing in locations from coast to coast in the United States and abroad.  Spring break travelers should be aware that the little bloodsuckers can be hiding any place that humans frequent. Being mindful of their existence and aware of how to avoid them is best so that you do not bring any unwanted souvenirs home.

Here are a few helpful tips to avoid bed bugs while you travel…

Bed Inspection:  No matter what type of accommodations you are staying in, you should always take the time to look for bed bugs.  Before moving luggage inside, check the seams of the mattress to see if there is evidence of bed bugs or actual bugs lurking.  Look under the mattress paying careful attention to the frame area.  Look behind the headboard, including in the area where any screws are as this is a favored place for bed bugs to hide.  Don’t forget to check the mattress pad and sheets for smeared blood, fecal matter, shed skins or actual bugs.  Pillows and pillow cases can also harbor the little bloodsuckers.

Room Inspection:  After you find that the bed is clear, turn to the room to ensure that no critters are found.  Look along the edges of the carpeting.  A flashlight is helpful for this task.  Bed bugs are fond of hiding in fabric and wood items.  Any couch or chair must be carefully checked.  Look for bed bugs hiding in the curtains, dressers, behind pictures, telephone, radio, bedside lamp, night stand, and even the Bible.

If no bed bugs are found, it is certainly good news, but the bad news is that bed bugs are extremely good at hiding and they can be easily missed when a bed bug inspection is completed. New York, NYC and NJ travelers who think that they have brought home bed bugs from their spring break travels should contact Stern Environmental Group.

Attics Make The Perfect Nesting Spot For Wildlife Mom’s To Be

Springtime warmth brings about beautiful flowers blooming and glorious green grass.  It’s a time of growth and renewal that is anticipated by everyone, especially those who have endured the cold blast from Mother Nature for months on end.  Humans are not the only ones that appreciate the onset of spring.  Insects begin to develop and emerge from their winter hiding places and some wild animals seem to appear out of nowhere.

Many types of animals tend to mate towards the end of the winter season. Female squirrels, rodents, and raccoons seek a safe location to have their babies. Homes may have been safe from wildlife during the winter months, but early springtime wildlife invaders are a common problem in New York and New Jersey report Manhattan Pest Control professionals.

For survival, all wildlife need the same things that humans do…food, water and shelter.  It does not take long for clever critters to discover a human home that would also be a suitable home for them.  Raccoons are extremely smart are will take advantage of the smallest breach that will allow them access to a home.  Raccoons are able to use their strong near human-like hands to tear open damaged roofing, soffits, or vents that are in disrepair.  Raccoons are also known to take up residence in the confines of a chimney which can have devastating results.  Squirrels are also clever with strong claws which are able to rip open a wide variety of materials. Small rodents such as rats or mice can easily squeeze into tiny cracks or crevices.

Angry raccoon Mom’s that have babies in the attic will become extremely aggressive and defensive if anyone tries to evict them.  Raccoons are not a good houseguest.  They cause significant damage to insulation with their excessive feces and urine. Additionally, raccoons are known to carry a wide variety of diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans.