Bed Bugs In NYC School Spark Questions About Infestations Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Wednesday…

Here’s where things get really hairy though…

On page 5 of the Bed Bug Information Kit for Schools, when bed bugs are determined to be inside a NYC school, schools are required to prepare the classroom/s prior to inspection and/or treatment by the pest management department. School preparation includes:

• Vacuuming carpets and loosening the edges at the borders.

• Removing all items from the walls and placing them in plastic liners left in the affected room.

• Closets must be cleaned out and kept clean from that point forward.

• Classroom floors and cracks and crevices must be vacuumed.

• Vacuum cleaner bags must be disposed of in sealed plastic bags on the exterior of the building.

• The vacuum cleaner must be inspected to ensure that it is free of bed bugs.

All items that must be discarded (presumably due to BED BUGS!) should be wrapped in plastic (because of BEDBUGS?), and immediately taken to the dumpster (presumably so that BEDBUGS do not spread to other areas of the school).  Each of these preparations are what Manhattan pest control professionals require bed bug infested home or business owners to do prior to treatment as well.

Any Manhattan pest control professional would tell you that doing these steps in preparation for an inspection would nearly eliminate the chances of any pest control inspector from finding any evidence of bed bugs in the school system, thereby giving the school a false clean bill of health.  By doing so, any existing bed bug infestation that does exist within a school will not be addressed properly and the evidence that is removed will cause any remaining bed bugs to propagate into more bloodsucking creatures that will resurface on another date to bite once again.  These procedures should clearly take place AFTER the school has been inspected for bed bugs, not before.

Realizing that bed bugs are likely remaining within the school system, one must also realize that bed bugs are not only brought into the school.  Additionally, bed bugs are surely being transported out of the school causing infestations in some of the homes of the families and workers that frequent the schools.

Yet certain school officials in the DOE will maintain the position that NYC schools are not infested by bed bugs.  In a time where people are trying to eliminate the stigma associated with bed bug infestations so that everyone in the United States will seek help from a pest control professional at the first sign of the pests, the position of DOE is not helping the situation.