Attics Make The Perfect Nesting Spot For Wildlife Mom’s To Be

Springtime warmth brings about beautiful flowers blooming and glorious green grass.  It’s a time of growth and renewal that is anticipated by everyone, especially those who have endured the cold blast from Mother Nature for months on end.  Humans are not the only ones that appreciate the onset of spring.  Insects begin to develop and emerge from their winter hiding places and some wild animals seem to appear out of nowhere.

Many types of animals tend to mate towards the end of the winter season. Female squirrels, rodents, and raccoons seek a safe location to have their babies. Homes may have been safe from wildlife during the winter months, but early springtime wildlife invaders are a common problem in New York and New Jersey report Manhattan Pest Control professionals.

For survival, all wildlife need the same things that humans do…food, water and shelter.  It does not take long for clever critters to discover a human home that would also be a suitable home for them.  Raccoons are extremely smart are will take advantage of the smallest breach that will allow them access to a home.  Raccoons are able to use their strong near human-like hands to tear open damaged roofing, soffits, or vents that are in disrepair.  Raccoons are also known to take up residence in the confines of a chimney which can have devastating results.  Squirrels are also clever with strong claws which are able to rip open a wide variety of materials. Small rodents such as rats or mice can easily squeeze into tiny cracks or crevices.

Angry raccoon Mom’s that have babies in the attic will become extremely aggressive and defensive if anyone tries to evict them.  Raccoons are not a good houseguest.  They cause significant damage to insulation with their excessive feces and urine. Additionally, raccoons are known to carry a wide variety of diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans.