Raccoons…The Houseguest That Never Wants To Leave

Raccoons are interesting animals to watch.  They are nocturnal, so being able to view them foraging for food, climbing a tree, or playing with each other is a special treat.  For many people, the adorable masked faces of a raccoon makes them look like they are an animal to make friends and cuddle up with, but in reality, they are wild animals that humans should not interact with.

Raccoons are intelligent critters that adapt well to human surroundings.  They enjoy nibbling on pet food that is left outdoors and any trash can that is not secured serves as an all-night buffet for a hungry raccoon.  They have extremely strong paws with five long skinny toes which are quite similar to human hands.

Because of their keen mind, clear-cut will, and strong paws, a raccoon will look for ways to gain access to a structure to escape the elements report NJ pest control professionals.  Female raccoons find crawl spaces, attics, chimneys, and under porches, to be great places to rear their young as they are well protected from the cold, wind, rain, and from predators.

Once raccoons have made your home or business their home, you cannot just chase it off and then seal off the entry hole.  Many have tried this tactic only to find in a short time that the raccoon has returned and has caused an even greater amount of damage than what originally occurred.

Convincing a raccoon that your New Jersey home or business is not a good place to be has proven to be useless.  You need the help of a licensed pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group.  Our technicians are trained to humanely trap raccoons so they are no longer a problem for you.