There Are Mice Living In My Car!

People with children may agree that it can be difficult at times to get an honest answer when you first ask a question.  Having four children can be challenging when you find something strange has occurred.  I am often faced with the “It wasn’t me scenario”.

Last week I reached into my glove compartment to retrieve something and found a napkin that was shredding into hundreds of pieces.  I sighed and thought “who did that?”  This weekend my car battery (which is located in the trunk) had to be replaced.  The mechanic called me over during installation to show me that he had found a large nest located in the compartment under the spare tire. Inside the nest that he found was the same shredded napkins, acorn shells, granola bar wrappers, and my dog’s hair.  Further inspection of the nesting site revealed that it was a mouse, or mice that had invaded my car!  The fecal matter gave it away.

There is a good chance that I would have crashed my car if a mouse would have run up my leg or across my body while I was driving.  I am so thankful that my battery died and that I did not know how to change it!

The car provided the perfect nesting place for the mouse/mice.  It was warmer than the garage.  It obviously had some food products, and the napkins and dog hair (which the mice brought in) made a great bed for the furry pest.

Always remember, mice can invade any space as they can fit into a space as small as a pencil head.  Even cars are an inviting place for NJ mice!  Call a NJ pest control professional for fast mice eradication services.