Insects…An Interesting Way To Think About Them

NJ pest control professionals know first-hand that insects are part of every American’s daily life.  Even in the winter months in New Jersey and beyond, insects still exist and thrive in their complex and interesting world.  The exception to the rule would likely be Antarctica.

Here’s an interesting story about insects coming from across the pond from our friends in London, England.  An interesting exhibit in London called “Who’s the Pest?” is a mobile arts festival which is a collaboration of efforts created by “Pestival” and the “Wellcome Collection”.

The idea of Pestival was concocted in 2004.  “Pestival is a cultural organization exploring our relationship with insects and the natural world.”  The interesting presentation that is open to the public focuses on “examining insect-human interactivity in bioscience, through paradigms of contemporary art, cinema, music and comedy as well as direct scientific demonstration and educational projects.”

This year’s Pestival of “Who’s the Pest” events will run from April 18, 2013 through May 16, 2013, and for the most part, they are not for the squeamish.  Here are the highlights of the events that will be held…

• Participants will learn about the historical relationships between humans and insects.  A special focus will be held on bloodsuckers where attendees will hear interesting information from scientists about the creatures.

• Attendees will learn about “Entomophagy” otherwise known as … eating insects.  Most people in Western society would rather eradicate insects than eat them, but participants will learn about the benefits of making insects a potential sustainable food source.

• Another part of the program that is offered will allow participants the opportunity to learn about the actual preparation of insects for the purposes of dining.  World renowned chefs will be on hand to create an interesting insect filled culinary experience.

• There is also a fun “Who’s the Pest” game this is sure to be entertaining for the kids and adults alike.  It is available for download on Apple products or can be played on PC’s.

No matter how you feel about insects, this website is not only entertaining, but it is also thought provoking.