Humane Squirrel Removal By A NYC/NJ Pest Control Pro

For some people, squirrels are entertaining critters that frolics and play in the yard. For others, squirrels are menacing pests that are likened to a rat with a fluffy tail.

Squirrels are members of the rodent family. The Eastern Gray Squirrel is the most common squirrel within the United States. They are most comfortable living high among the tree tops and build their nests out of twigs, leaves, and even pet hair that they find. They feed on a variety of different outdoor food sources such as seeds, berries, fruits, nuts, and fungi. Much to a homeowner’s dismay, these sneaky little devils are often found invading backyard birdfeeders as well.

Squirrels have adapted well to living among humans. Their excellent climbing and jumping abilities, as well as their natural curiosity, has made them a formidable pest for home and business owners. Due to the squirrel’s natural instinct of seeking suitable shelter, any breach in a structures roof, venting, or soffit is an open invitation for cleaver squirrels to come inside.

It is not uncommon for a squirrel to discover a small breach (hole) and chew a larger hole so that they can move into an attic or soffit to escape the cold, rain, snow, icy, or wind. Squirrels breed year-round, but have two primary peak breeding periods…one in the winter and one in the summertime. Gestation time is six weeks after which two to four baby squirrels are born. Those babies remain in the nest for approximately three months.

Despite their cuteness, squirrels do have destructive behavior once they invade a structure. Their nest building materials are a fire hazard, especially if the nesting material is placed near electrical wiring. Squirrels like to chew through electrical wiring which has been known to cause power outages and structural fires report NJ pest control professionals. Squirrels are known to carry fleas, ticks, and other parasitic insects on their body which will cause an infestation in a building as well. Squirrel feces and urine will not only cause a horrific smell, over time, it is not uncommon for ceiling material to collapse on the occupants below.

Squirrel elimination is difficult and should only be handled by a licensed pest control professional. For 24 hour emergency squirrel removal services contact Stern Environmental Group. We specialize in the humane removal of squirrels in the New York City metropolitan region, parts of New Jersey, and parts of Long Island.