States Move Forward With New Bed Bug Legislation

Bed bugs have been a problem from east to west coast, yet not all states have jumped on the band wagon and created regulations regarding bed bugs.  Often times the debates between the different opposing sides on the issues can be interesting to say the least.  Some arguments for not setting bed bug laws are in fact…a bit silly.

Two states are taking the plunge as they work towards  protecting their citizens against the little vampires. reported on April 18, 2013 that the New Hampshire Senate has approved a Bill that will hopefully help stop the spread of bed bug problems in the state.  The Bill amends the current housing law and outlines the responsibilities of both tenants and landlords when bed bugs are present.  In the state, landlords are responsible for bed bug eradication services unless they can prove that the tenant caused the infestation.  Tenants are required to cooperate with landlords in eradicating the pests. reported on April 16, 2013 that Connecticut lawmakers are also working to try to create bed bug legislation to protect their citizens.  The Public Health Committee approved various responsibilities for both tenants and landlords.  In Connecticut, landlords must pay for bed bug treatment and any follow up costs that are incurred.  If the tenant fails to allow a licensed pest control professional to enter their rental property to provide bed bug eradication services, then the cost of the bed bug treatment is then transferred to them.  Additionally, landlords are not allowed to rent bed bug infested properties and they must inform prospective renters when a property had been treated for bed bugs within the previous 60 days. The Bill will now head to the Senate floor for approval.

Even if citizens feel that not every portion of a state’s bed bug law is not the best, it is better than having no law at all!