Groundhogs In The Spring

The groundhog is best known throughout the United States for its ability to predict the early arrival of spring which is determined when he emerges from his lair in Western Pennsylvania in early February.  The fun tradition of having Punxsutawney Phil predict spring may have many people believing that the large rodent is all fun and games, but having a groundhog living in your yard means you will endure significant damage to your landscaping.

Groundhogs are from the marmot family.  They are considered to be docile rodents that do not attack humans and are considered to be disease free. Groundhogs however do have a huge appetite for vegetation, especially grasses, clover and alfalfa. New York and New Jersey homeowners often become frustrated with groundhogs as these rodents can easily consume an entire vegetable garden overnight as well.

Groundhogs are also known as “woodchucks” or “whistle pigs”.  Groundhogs have long curved claws which enable them to dig their burrows beneath the soil. Groundhogs feed in the morning and evening hours.  At times people will see them basking in the sun during the afternoon hours.  Groundhogs are one of the few mammals that go into true hibernation which is why they consume an extreme amount of vegetation in the late summer and early fall.

New York and New Jersey homeowners should never try to poison groundhogs as they will consume the poison and move on to another area.  The poisoned bodies can then be consumed by pets or other wildlife which will also become poisoned and will die.  A licensed NY and NJ pest control professional like Stern Environmental Group will be able to humanely trap groundhogs quickly and efficiently.  We offer 24 emergency groundhog removal services so that your property will be protected from these voracious eaters.  Call us today!