Some Differences Between Carpenter Bees And Bumble Bees

As the springtime temperatures continue to warm up in New Jersey residents will begin to see large, black bees buzzing about to and fro report NJ pest control professionals.  There will be a variety of bee species that are common in New Jersey, one of which is the carpenter bee.

The carpenter bee is often confused with the fuzzy bumble bee because of their similar shape and size.  Carpenter bees are very different in how they look and behave.

Bumble bees have beautiful yellow and black markings on their body.  Bumble bees are considered to be social insects. Their nesting site can be found in the ground with a small opening.  They are not considered to be aggressive bees, but they will sting if they are being mishandled or threatened.  Bumble bees collect pollen on their fuzzy legs and body hair and transport it back to their nesting site.  These social bees will typically avoid human contact unless provoked into battle.

Carpenter bees can be all black or they are black and yellow depending on the species.  Their black and yellow markings however are the opposite striping of the bumble bee markings.   Carpenter bees are not considered to be social insects.  The carpenter bees are known for their hovering patterns near humans, can be annoying and intimidating.  This hovering is the way that the male carpenter bee shows his dominance during the mating cycle in the springtime. Male carpenter bees are completely harmless however as they have no stinger. Female carpenter bees are responsible for creating the nesting site where she will lay her eggs.  Female carpenter bees are considered to be docile as well but will sting if threatened.

Carpenter bees differ from bumble bees in that carpenter bees bore holes on the underside of exposed wood sources.  One carpenter bee will not cause massive destruction, but repeated use and expansion of the original nesting site will cause considerable damage to the wood areas used.

For help with nesting carpenter bees, contact Stern Environmental group.