Bugs Without Borders Reveals new Bed Bug Information

Manhattan pest control experts know first-hand how bad bed bug infestations can be when they infest a single family home, apartment building, or hotel room.  While it is important to watch for bed bugs in any place that you lay your head, it is also important to watch for the blood thirsty pests in other locations as well, according to reports from the National Pest Management Association.

It’s springtime once again and the release of the new “Bugs Without Borders” from the National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky will have some folks in the United States scratching their heads, if not their entire bodies.  The new reports show some daunting statistics for the battle against bed bugs in the United States for 2013.

While some states like New York have seen a decline in bed bug reports this past year, others have experienced an increase in bed bug reports.  This upswing proves that bed bugs continue to spread from state to state via human transport.  In fact, according to the new Bugs Without Borders report, 99.6% of all pest control professionals surveyed reported that they treated bed bugs in the past twelve months!

According to Forbes on April 27, 2013, the Bugs Without Borders report states:

• “75 percent have been called to hotels to treat bed bugs

• 47 percent have found bed bugs in college dorms

• 46 percent have been called to nursing homes

• 41 percent have treated schools and day care centers

• 36 percent have been called to office buildings

• 33 percent have found bed bugs in hospitals

• 21 percent have treated taxis, trains, or buses

• 10 percent have been called to movie theaters”

Bed bugs are able to travel up to 100 feet each night to feed upon their intended victim/s so it is important that a pest control professional be called as soon as the pests are first sighted.