Protect Your Business from Carpenter Ant Damage

Left untreated, carpenter ants can cause serious damage to New York and New Jersey businesses. Carpenter ants live in large colonies that can number in the tens of thousands. In May and June, business owners may discover large groups of winged ants milling around foundation landscape plantings  or battering against sunny interior windows. Discovery of winged reproductives means you have a carpenter ant problem on the premises that should be addressed quickly before additional damage is done to the structure.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not ingest wood; but they do tunnel into wood to excavate large galleries where they live and raise their young. Carpenter ants may be hiding in plain site. These ants will frequently hollow out a window frame, baseboard or structural timber with their tunneling, leaving a thin veneer of wood in place. Carpenter ant colonies frequently go undetected until a worker inadvertently punches a hole through hollowed wood trim while performing maintenance or cleaning tasks.

Taking a do-it-yourself approach to pest control of any ant species, including carpenter ants, is typically counterproductive. In fact, non-professional ant control products, while they may kill the few ants that come into direct contact with the poison, will usually force the colony to relocate or split, making it that much more difficult for licensed carpenter ant exterminators to identify and exterminate your commercial carpenter ant problem.