Cockroaches, Rats Found at NYC School Cafeterias

Your children aren’t the only ones grabbing lunch at New York City school cafeterias. Rats and cockroaches may also be feasting on cafeteria mac and cheese and hot dogs. In an NBC New York review of health code violations, most city school cafeterias passed periodic health inspections with flying colors. However, some city schools, including public schools in Bushwick, Harlem, Bensonhurst and Far Rockaway, were cited by the public health department for rats in the food area, cockroaches, flying insects, liquid waste, contaminated food, inadequate hand-washing facilities and other stomach-churning violations.

A number of the schools took responsible action and received passing marks when reinspected, but a few schools (NBC singled out Bensonhurst and Far Rockaway)  actually fared worse on repeat inspections. When interviewed by NBC, parents of students expressed “shock” and “horror.”

Mice, rats and cockroaches are persistent problems in large metropolitan areas like New York City. These noxious pests carry and spread dangerous diseases and their feces and dried droppings can cause serious health problems, including childhood asthma and deadly Hanta virus.

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