Top 5 New Jersey Summer Pests Announced

Experts have been warning New Jersey residents to expect an inundation of cicadas and mosquitoes this summer, but that won’t be the end of our pest woes. Entomologists at the University of Delaware cooperative extension recently released a list of the top 5 insect pests for the mid-Atlantic states:

  1. Scale pests. Often overlooked because of their tiny size, parasitic scale insects suck the sap from landscape plants, killing their hosts.
  2. Wasps. Their painful stings earned wasps the No. 2 spot on this summer’s pest list. While only female wasps sting, their straight stingers allow these pests to sting repeatedly. Wasp stings¬†are painful and can cause severe redness and swelling, as well as life-threatening allergic reactions.
  3. Bagworms. A perennial landscape pest, bag worms are recognizable the distinctive web-like nests they spin on tree limbs.
  4. Japanese beetles. Shiny green beetles with copper wings, these pests are deadly to roses, tress and 300 other plant species.
  5. Stink bugs. These shield-shaped insects cause untoward damage to agricultural and landscape plants and are a persistent nuisance in the fall when they creep inside to overwinter in New Jersey homes and commercial buildings.

When insects bother your home or business, seek the services of a licensed New York and New Jersey pest control professional.